Sustain Your Daily Activities


In the field of Archaeology, one thing stands out. That one
thing makes all the difference between renowned
Archaeologists and those who are lost in the storms of time.
It helped researchers like Mary Leakey made a major
breakthrough in the field. That defining factor is called
activities. After you have envisioned, planned and set goals,
you must work. In the field of Archaeology, he who cannot
dirty himself cannot make headway.

Only daily actions can guarantee great results. Imagine that I
set out to make these daily write-ups the best but I don’t
read, research and write daily. What will become of the end
of this dream is obvious. I will encircle myself. I will fail!
American leadership expert Robin Sharma says that an idea
without execution is delusion.

We must do something each day that will edge us closer to
our goals and aspirations. The most compelling dream on
earth cannot succeed under the regime of inactivity. My
humble offering today is pretty simple: the best way to
achieve your resolutions is to make a commitment to daily
productive activities. There is no magic to it. If you find one,
let me know. Be like the archaeologist – stay digging.

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