The Masks we wear..

Morning! She walked into the office and smiled as she greeted everyone. Good morning! Or was it? Monday mornings was always such a relief for her. She was always ready to start the week on a new note, a positive one.

Weekends were too long for her. Whilst everyone else loved fridays, she almost dreaded it…

She shuddered at the thought of fridays…they were always the same for her.

Every weekend, she witnessed her husband drink himself silly. Somehow along the line, life had delt him a difficult blow and now he had resorted to drinking. Nothing she had said or done had helped. It was now taking a toll on her as she saw the man she loved disappear and become someone else. Then, there was the verbal abuse, the blaming, the shouting and the regrets…..

How long would this go on for?

She had resorted to spending every lunch time alone in prayer:

Her life had become unbearable, yet was it not meant to be for bettter or for worse? Those were the marriage vows, right?

To her family and friends, everything was fine. She delt with them by making sure that she visited them often, never the other way round.

But today, she felt exhausted…Her strength was failing her. People had started noticing that she had lost weight. How long could she keep on wearing the mask?!!

Dedicated to all the women out there who are wearing masks because they are ashamed. Your deliverance comes when you begin To take off the mask and let people in.

Every lunch time she prayed,

”Lord, my strength is failing, send help..”