Awaken warrior child

..she stared into the mirror one more time. She gazed upon her appearance. She noticed that there was a sadness around her eyes.   She heard a strange sound come out from the dark night as the wind blew fiercely against the wndow pane.

Slowly, she turned and stared at her sideways appearance. Her countenance was firm almost like a warrior. She shuddered as she remembered the events of the past days.

She had been misunderstood, bruised and rejected. She had become a reproach. Her friends had deserted her, her family turned on her. She was filled with shame and misery. She recalled how she had struggled to be herself despite the gossip and judgement.

For a fleeting moment she thought of how Jesus spoke to the  woman who was caught in adultery. ..though their cases were far from similar, she imagined what he would say to her..

Maybe he would say, ”don’t be afraid child. Keep using the gifts I gave you, despite the gossip and judgement…”


Once, she had heard someone firmly say, it doesn’t pay to be yourself! Just act like everyone else. But somehow, a voice inside of her was echoing something else…the voice kept on whispering her true identity…

You my child are royalty. Your father sits upon the throne and has made you heir to his throne. Arise, awaken.

Awaken above the hate, above the judgements, above the envy and jealously.

Awaken child. You are a warrior. Pick up your sword and fight!

She kept on staring at the mirror, this time directly. Somehow, her hunched shoulders were straightening as she corrected her posture. She raised a glass of water and began to drink.

As she drunk, she saw a vision of herself drinking from an enormous oasis. Again that inner voice spoke to her

”Drink from my well child,”

Awaken my royal child, you now have the strength you need for your journey.

Awaken, pick up your sword and fight!

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