A wound so deep..

I read something so profound today, where someone was pouring out their heart for forgiveness. Clearly, a wrong had been done and the person was trying desperately to rectify the mistake. The question though would be would it would fall on deaf ears or would there be forgiveness?

Either way, I do not know the depth of the wound inflicted.  Only the person who has been wounded knows how deep the roots of pain have embedded themselves.


Yes, life is full of painful and unexplainable experiences. Looking at the story of Jesus and what he had to go through, makes one wonder that he ”actually” went all the way to the Cross. He could have stopped along the way, as he was whipped and made to carry his cross with thorns stuck to his head. But, he didn’t. He kept on going. Why? For your sake and mine!


Are we worth so much in his eyes that he had to endure this painful journey for our sakes? The answer is yes! Whether you are the one that has caused the pain, or you are the one who has been wounded, you are worthy of him.

Where forgiveness becomes difficult, allow him to go deep into the roots of the wound and begin to uproot them. He sees your wound, he knows how it is is to carry it.

Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your heart. No wound is too deep for him.



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