Start With Your Purpose


Years ago, I was a big fan of setting big

New Year resolutions

That appetite has changed in recent times. I no longer begin
my year with the priority of writing what I will do and what I
will not do. But I must say that I am not encouraging you to
go and throw away your hard written list for the New Year. I
just want to bring your attention to something bigger than a
list. It makes a lot of difference.

Imagine with me for a brief moment that you stand at the
harbor. A captain comes on board a ship and start sailing. On
asking him why he is moving the ship, he pulls out a tall list
and reads,

I am going to Sweden, pick up some travelers,
visit the some old time friends and head for home after 10

How will you react?

Certainly, you will look him in the face and repeat the
question again.

You might think he didn’t understand. But it is not lack
of understanding. It is lack of clear purpose for what he is doing.
Many of us behave like this captain.

We start each year with a tall list ready to go into action.
We are driven by activities without productive consent from our purpose.
And by purpose, I mean the whole reason why you exist on earth.
It’s impossible to live a purpose driven life when we start
with list before defining our purpose. Ask yourself:

What is my life really about? Then, proceed with a list.
Enjoy the New Year.

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