Bumps, turns and potholes!

He has made everything beautiful in its time.
Ecclesiastes 3:11

Have you ever been on a road that was full of bumps, turns and potholes? I remember finding myself on one of these roads and panicking! Driving on such a road is nerve-wrecking because you never know where the next turn or bump are!

Compare it to the way you live your life today.

As long as things are working out smoothly, there is a tendency to relax and enjoy the ride. But with each bump, the chances are that you panic as fear creeps in. Every time we are faced with some kind of hiccup as we do life, causes us to react to it.

Such a situation can set us back for a while as we regain our footing and hopefully continue on our journey.

Our lives are full of bumps, turns and potholes, but we must remember that at some point all of this comes to an end.

It gets better.

Tenacity is important at this stage and with time you will see the beauty that comes out of it.

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