Somehow when I asked the messenger about the coming assignment the messenger could not tell me

I was always told that I was special and that God had a plan for me, I embraced this word and sought to see its fulfilment in my life. Somehow when I asked the messenger about the coming assignment the messenger could not tell me, all I was told was God ad a plan for me and a great ministry awaited me. As an inquisitive being I did not find this helpful in any way to my plight of purpose and destiny, I felt an awesome connection with this God but I could not explain what it was that I felt, saw, hoped or imagined.

Growing up I was the last born in our family, I had no younger siblings, and even though I had school mates my age I found it hard to relate to them on the same level. I fancied more of the older people as friends or advisors but I must confess even then I rarely confided in them as well. I figured that my comfort in the older generation was because my siblings were all much older than I was and I had spent more time with them in my formative years perhaps this was what drew me closer to older people.

So basically I spent more time on my own, I had no one who I really could confide in, I had mature conversations with those over ten years my age but that was as far as it would go. I learnt to speak with the Holy Spirit, he understood me, and I could share my thoughts without fear of contamination or false guidance.

I found I had little in common with my age mates, I did not like the music they liked or worse in high school I did not fancy what they called fun, most of the things they did, did not make sense to me.

As I weighed the possible outcome and consequence of the actions, it was not worth it to me.

Most of my life has been a journey that I walked alone, with little or no idea of what it is or was that he wanted of me. One could call it walking blind but I believe that it has been more of him ordering my every step, I have walked without misconceptions or any pre-conceived ideas.

Whatever was mine I saw him rip off until all that was left was and is him. I have watched as desires have been turned around and what I thought started as a ploy for personal gratification grew to a calling that was bigger than myself. In all this I have learnt that to obey is better than sacrifice, to yield to his will is better than seeking out your own will for he knows all things.

In writing all this, I hope that you too will learn of the blessing that lies in your pain or what you interpret as pain. It has now been set as a standard that the birthing of anything is painful, even though this was not the Father’s original intent for us. Man now interprets pain to reveal the magnitude of what one carries and by this logic it has been proven that when you labour for something, you will have a better appreciation for that which you birth.

When you walk the road alone, the day you have companionship you will have a greater appreciation for it. So what pain have you endured? I am not talking about the self-inflicted pain, or the very bad decisions that you made and found comfort in saying all things happen for a reason. NO!

I am talking about the places that God leads you in, the pain that comes out of that obedience, the process that you had to go through and the blessing that follows.
Stay on course, walk out your lane for there is a greater glory to be revealed!

Now pray this with me,

Thank you Lord for the blessing in the pain, the things that I have endured that I thought were meant to demean me yet it was you establishing yourself in me. Thank you for your love that sustains me and sees me through every step in my journey, Lord I pray that you would continuously order my steps, bless my journey and let your will be done in my life. May I live my life for your glory and honour. I bless you and praise you, in Jesus’ name. Amen