We as people have the choice to choose to do right or wrong, because these choices can define who we are. On my life’s journey, I haven’t always made the right choices I had allowed situations to determine who I was. In doing this it cause me to create a person who was never supposed to exist.

Until we truly come into a true relationship with God, we can’t begin to embrace our journey. Until then we are just existing in what we call life and not living God’s planned life for us. God created each of us in His own image and He is the God of Life.

God has created us all with purpose, but to know your purpose and to be able to effectively operate in our purpose it requires a committed union between you and God.In making wrong choices it pulled me further away from God and my purpose. These wrong choices brought many consequences that I had to endure.

It wasn’t until I surrendered my entire life to God that I was able to embrace and be grateful for my entire life’s process. I said my entire life’s process, because I now realize as people we choose which parts of us that we want to give to God and which parts of us that we want to hold on to.

When I came into acceptance with God, I finally realize that “All Things Work Together For Good to Them That Love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

I realize now in every situation that I was confronted with good or bad that it was working for my good. Once I understood this, it was then and only then that I became grateful. I became more appreciative and can now truthfully embrace my journey in God knowing that every situation was a part of God master plan for my life.
A lot of women have gone through being abused and have been killed, but thanks be to God I’m still here. A lot of woman have been rape and then killed, but thanks be God I’m still here. A lot of woman experience domestic violence and the outcome is death, but thanks be to God I’m still here. Every hurt I endured, every rejection I endured, all the pain I had to endure, it was all necessary for what God is accomplishing through me now. I’m still here and I thank God, every day for this journey and for keeping me.

I’m grateful to God for keeping me even when I caused infliction on myself. I realize that I’m still here not because of me, but because of the God I serve, who had a purpose for everything I encountered turning my sorrow into joy. Not because the things I went through was pleasant, but because it caused me to grow to understand that
“the joy of the Lord is my strength.’ God gave me strength to survive it all.
Knowing in growing in God, I could get heal and become whole in Christ. God knew that one day I would be sharing my journey with others, so they too can know that their Journey was all a part of Gods plan for their lives. I challenge you to embrace God so that you can embrace your journey no matter what you have gone through or is currently going through know that God is with you.
God said, “He’ll never leave you nor forsake you”, God is just waiting on you, to turn it all over to Him. “Trust Him it’s your story, but for Gods Glory.”