Dear Notebook

by Mucha

My greatest wish right now is that you all possess a notebook. In this era we are living in, it’s probably not popular anymore to own one, but let me encourage you today to pick up your pen and begin to write.

Hmmm….some would ask what it is they should write about?

We all have the capability within us to write and share our thoughts, ideas and creativity. So much is learnt from keeping a notebook, because what we write, is a reflection of what we see do and imagine. Life is full of color and sounds that can be translated into beautiful words, pictures and paintings.

I have a friend who is very creative and loves to make cards for all sorts of occasions. She is so passionate about her creativity and does it perfectly flawless. Through her cards, she tells her story and shares what she hears and reads when in her quiet time in prayer. It all started out as a hobby, but in time, she realised that this was her passion and a way she could honour God by sharing her work.

Notebooks come in different forms. I love to write, she loves to create.
What would you like to do with your new notebook?