Emotions always have to be in the way, deciding your every move. They do it by changing your mood which in turn affects your everyday decisions. And your decisions affect the outcome of your life story. Emotions are the most heartwarming, most disgusting, and most terrifying things in your life. But of course without emotions you wouldn’t have a personality.

Don’t let emotions control you. Just because you are having a bad day, don’t let it get you down. Your foul mood could cause someone else to have a bad day, which could lead to them making bad choices that day. Let God be first, not your feelings. Satan uses your emotions to turn your day upside down, what could have been a good day turned into a very bad one.

Only let your emotions be only just emotions, they shouldn’t take hold of your life and make it bad. If you find your losing control of how you are feeling ask God for help.

The hardest thing to control, is what is out of your reach. If a child you know keeps repeating themselves in an annoying manner, either remove yourself from the situation, ask the child to stop, discipline them, or join in their fun.
Of course sometimes it isnt’ a child, and in that case, all you can do is pray.

Your emotions cannot effect you, if they don’t affect your decisions. Listen to God for His plan for you, and then you should decide.

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