Everyone under the sun has gone through failure before. We might have failed an exam, business gone under or marriage gone badly. Probably, you are like the great genius Steve Jobs who built Apple Computers and was fired. Failure is part of life but not a final part of life.

During my first degree, I failed many times in my Psychology course. From level 100 to 300, my results were full of pass marks and Fs. But when I got to level 400 I had some As in the same course.


Peter Incorporated was a business venture into fishing. They had done it for many years and were extremely good at it. But on day, things did not go well. They went to sea but had nothing to show for their efforts. They failed. Three things can help us to appreciate the failure of Peter and co.

When some people fail, they give up trying again. In verse two, we find that Peter and co had their system of operation, the boat, standing by the lake. The boat is meant to be in action in the lake and not standing.

A standing boat is an inactive boat. If we allow ourselves, our failures can instruct us to stop pursuing any more goals. Quitting is when you stand in the tracks of life without any steps to move forward. The leader’s best friend is called action and not quitting.


Again when some people fail, they settle for less in life. In verse three, we read that Peter and co decided to wash their nets instead of trying the second or third time.

They probably might have told themselves that they had done enough. In the arena of
success, trying is not enough. Rather, result is king. If we are results minded, we will stop at nothing to achieve what we desire in life. Mediocre people are already failures in life.



When people fail they tend to speak the language of universal failures. In verse five, we read of Peter’s response to Jesus that, “Master, we have toiled all night and
caught nothing…” Someone has said that activity doesn’t equal productivity.

Their language shifted from success to failure. I am sure when they started the fishing journey they told themselves positive vibes that they will succeed but due to failure, they spoke otherwise.Failures have a certain way of speaking that discourages everybody.



All of us will fail in one way or the other, but what does it take to turn your failures around?

In the story of Peter and his partners, the introduction of Jesus in their lives turned their stories around. Jesus was their saviour.

He was their mentor who advised them best practices that helped them to turn their fortunes around. He was the inspiring voice that brought hope to their hopeless situation. Our focus here is to discover how Peter and co. responded to their saviour or mentor.


To turn failure around, you need to listen to the voice of reason and hope. It is not enough to have a mentor.

The ultimate question is: do you listen to and act on their advice? When you hear a mentor or role model talk, lend a listening ear. Listening is different from hearing. Hearing is passive but listening is active participation in the knowledge and wisdom being dished out. Peter listened.


What you act upon is the wisdom or insight that you treasure. The next thing Peter did after listening was to take action on the words of Jesus. The great apostle James once said that we must not just be hearers only but doers of instructions (James 1:22).

This is important because action alone produces results. then acting on their wisdom in order to succeed again or for the very first time in your life.


Partnership brings more success. When he heard the words of Jesus, he didn’t go about doing it alone but went with a team. John C. Maxwell said something to the effect that a player scores a goal but a team wins a match.

He didn’t go alone but went with his immediate business partners. We must learn to work with teams if we want maximum input to yield massive success.


What were the results after they listened and acted on what Jesus said? Brian Tracy likes to say that when we do what successful people do we will get the same results they get. When we listen to the voice of wisdom and act on them, we are prone to succeed. Here are three results of their obedience.


When you listen to experienced people and act with wisdom, you will have abundance in life. They caught more fish. They went from nothing to plenty. Success in life is defined by abundance.


There was a net breaking phenomenon which signified overflow in blessings.
This is a hundred times more effect that hit Pater and co. heavy. Their capacity was smaller than their harvest.

If you don’t have a big capacity to contain the harvest you are praying about, your net will break. Paul wrote that God can do far more than we expect. Just strengthen your systems for the harvest.


They recognised the role of other people in success. This is different from collaboration mentioned above. This has to do with inviting more people to help with the
harvest. They called for more people. You cannot serve the business market alone.


Going from failure to success is not just a miracle but a partnership with God. Peter and company recognised that they had failed but they were ready to learn what could help them to bounce back in their chosen business.

Where have you failed?

How are you taking it?

You should probably learn from Peter by looking for strategic mentors and then acting on their wisdom in order to succeed again or for the very first time in your life.
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