I see a company of women torn inside by the aftermath of life’s tsunami. I see them holding on to the very last strength they have, hoping, praying that the tide turns and the winds subside. I see their eyes filled with fear of the unknown as they cling to the only hope they know. I see their faces that were once young and happy turn into dark dreary shadows. Their eyes tell a story, a story of pain and despair. I see them struggle to fit in, in a world that keeps evolving, leaving them behind to pick up the pieces. I see them cry themselves to sleep, wondering when peace will come. I see them looking, waiting for a  breakthrough, a ray of hope, and sunshine amidst the darkness.

I see them…. brave in their pain and weakness. I see them fight against all odds. I see them smile and encourage others as they forget their circumstances for  just a moment. I see them. God sees them. He has everyone in the palm of his hand. Hold on! He sees you.