by Pearl Ocloo Dua

One day, a friend called me and lamented bitterly that she didn’t have money to pay school fees for her children. She has five children and I can understand why every year she calls to complain. I reminded her that she had called the previous year to complain and asked if the school fees for the previous year had been paid and she said yes.

I pointed out to her that year in year out, despite the anxiety, the school fees gets paid somehow and encouraged her to thank God for the previous testimonies and believe God for a new testimony. There are times we look at our current situation and forget that the God who did it for us yesterday would do it for us today.

The story of Hannah in 1 Samuel 2:10 tells us about how Hannah who was barren petitioned God and at the end had the testimony of having 5 children including Samuel, the prophet of God. Indeed there is none holy as the Lord and He is our Rock. What is your testimony? Are you counting your blessing?

I decided to follow the footsteps of Hannah. When the man of God blessed her ( Go in peace: and the God of Israel grant thee thy petition that thou hast asked of him. 1 Sam 1:17) she went home and ate and her countenance was no more sad. What had really changed? She did not have an
instant baby but had an assurance that once God had spoken, it would surely come to pass.

After receiving a rebuke, I decided to count all my blessing, naming them one by one. As I counted the past testimonies, I had no choice but to bless the name of the Lord and casting my burdens unto Him. My prayer changed, my praise changed. My financial mess didn’t go away immediately but as I started praising and worshiping Him, He opened doors that helped me pay off my debts.

What are you believing God for? His word is true. Hold on to His Word, pray without ceasing.

Hannah went to the house of God year after year until she received her testimonies. Don’t focus on the issue, focus on God for indeed He is the author and finisher of our faith.

I challenge you to start counting your blessing and I believe that you will have many, many, testimonies that will challenge someone to also hold on.

Sometime last year, I found myself in a financial mess and owed a huge sum of money. At a time when the pressure was on, I took my eyes off Jesus and focused on the debt I owed. The result was that I went into a state of depression. Anytime I stood to pray, my head would be so filled with my debt situation that I just could not pray.

I couldn’t pray and I couldn’t praise. All the advise I would normally give to people in similar situation just didn’t work for me. One morning I woke up and decided to join some pastor friends in a prayer meeting.

As soon I walked in, the prayer leader paused and said, “the Lord says to tell someone that the worrying would amount to nothing”. I knew immediately that the word was for me. I found it interesting that the word didn’t specifically address
my situation but just not to worry. I held on to the word and figured out that if God says, “don’t worry”, it means He is taking care of the situation.