The Love of God in so immensely powerful that it can take anyone from brokenness to wholeness, from sick to healed, from deeply troubled to overwhelmed with peace, and from lost to found!

He longs so deeply to show His powerful love to all, and restore him to a life filled with peace and joy.

However, we have to move out of the way and allow Him to be God so that He can do what he needs to do within to allow the Peace and Joy to flow through our lives, and so that we can truly live a Restored life abundantly.

Gods love can restore us back to Him, back to who we were created to be before life got in the way. So many of us have had our hearts broken over and over and this has left that part of us dead, so to speak.

That part of our inner most being has to be revived and restored so that we can tell our Heart to beat again and to allow love in. We have to get to a place where we trust again and know that not everyone is out to hurt us.

This happens by letting go and allowing God to heal us and to strengthen us so that we
can forgive. This is the life-force that will resurrect that part that has died and will restore it back to the place where love is waiting.

Once we get restored back to the place that love is waiting then we are able to feel the Joy and the Peace that only comes from God. Because see while we harbor unfogiveness within, this blocks the peace of God to flood over us.

Unforgiveness can be a very nasty thing. This can stay within us long
enough to lead into offense and then bitterness. You have to forgive in order for you to have peace and joy once more.

Once the forgiveness takes place God will restore all to you that was lost while you were in the never ending pit of Unforgivenss. He will restore to you peace, love, joy and also will restore to you the feeling of a revived heart and spirit. God loves us so much that he never wants us to feel unloved, so He always is there to assist and guide us in whatever may come our way.

For years I had such anger and unforgivenss, but not at a person, it was at God. I felt He had left me many years before and that is why all the bad stuff had happened to me. I was so angry that my brother had died at such a young age and I was so Angry that my parents left me so many times.

This anger and unforgivenss separated me from God for many years. In these years of separation I was searching for that peace and joy I had once known with God.

I searched nonstop with drugs and men for this peace and joy and never found it. I lost myself to the drugs, while I was searching. I was like a race horse running around and around the same track but never to reach the finish line, which to me was that peace and joy.

Until one night I had reached my point of desperation for freedom from the drugs, that I swallowed my pride and cried out to the God of my childhood, the God I was so angry at. I just knew that He had forgotten me and that He would never answer me. But He did and He did in such a gently and loving way, It was like He reached down from Heaven and wrapped His loving Fatherly arms around me and just held me as I wept. I felt His love, at first it was strange, but then it engulfed me and I didn’t fight it but welcomed it. Gods love is everlasting, No matter how far in the depth of this worlds darkness you may be or no matter if you too, like me, was or is angry at God for whatever reason He still Loves you.

He will take all your anger, and all your hurt, and He will wrap you in His arms and just let you cry and cry.

Then He will release you to stand on your own once more, but He is not far away at all. He is standing nearby to catch if you stumble or to answer you if you call. That is the Amazing, unending, unconditional Love of our Father God! Our God is the God of Peace! The God of Love! The God of Joy!

The God of Restoration! And with him Nothing is ever impossible!

-Mary Priddy