It all starts with the wake up call – morning praises to God, with focus on whatever vision He has given you. So start your day, and give thanks. Make your peace with God each day, using the Our Father prayer.
Each day is a brand new start of what we must view as a wonderful day. Sometimes it needs to be a brand new way.

Our greeting the Lord is a two-way relationship. We desire His joy to be fulfilled. He wants to give us those new ways to live, with guidelines of happy new ways to serve Him. As we greet Him, we ask Him to take our day entirely for Him. We realize it is but another day to serve Him as our God – to be true to Him.
In our vision, we and anticipate that He will be faithful to us. Even when we have left Him down, He has forgiven us.

When we’ve left the godly path, He guided us back home to Him. When we have served Him well, He’s welcomed us. His Kingdom stands, and we are standing with Him
In order to run with the vision, we need to be established in the Word. We will serve Him, love Him, care for others, and advance His Kingdom.

Lord, let Your kingdom come. Let Your will be done in me. As it is in Heaven, Heaven in me – to bring to the world a Light to overshadow darkness. Give me peace, joy, and harmony with You. Yes! I want Your will in my life to be done, my Savior, my Lord.

I’m getting ready to run, for You, You’re running with me. I’m running with the Word, running with the Truth – A Word Runner for You. I’m willing to fight. You’re fighting for me. It’s my desire to stand for truth, love, mercy, and grace.
Let Your will be done in me today. Today is the day for Healing, Deliverance, Salvation, and reconciliation.

I am running with the vision – Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven