It was the year of 2007 and life was really good for me. I was working a job that I truly loved and had just been promoted with a great opportunity! God had already proven Himself to be so very faithful to me but it was something special about this promotion. A couple of months prior, I distinctively remember in my time of prayer expressing my love to God and, asking Him for a closer walk with Him. I could feel a greater tug to move towards the things of God and allow Him to use my life fully. I had no clue what was
about to take place but here is my story.

On a beautiful day while sitting in my office, out of nowhere, I remember feeling pain and numbness shoot through my body at the same time. It was something I’d never felt before. The next day, in a Wednesday night service at my church, I began to feel quite light headed for a moment but, it soon went away.


When I stood to pray for the people, my entire right side was in pain. It caught me off guard and I nearly lost my balance. I managed to continue my assignment and then took my seat. After service ended, I shared with a couple of members what I was experiencing. After praying with me, one suggested I go to a nearby medical facility. I was feeling a little better and drove myself as they followed me. Later, I learned that alone was a miracle. After I was checked out at that facility, I was told I should go to the closest hospital emergency room. Not the news I wanted to hear but I took the advice and went.


After several tests, I was then told to follow up with my PCP. This visit led me to several visits with a neurosurgeon because I was told my spine was deteriorating. I was so afraid and really didn’t know what to expect. I was told I had a 50/50 change of ever walking normal again if I did not have the surgery. Then, I was told I would always need some kind of aid or device to help me walk even if I did have surgery. Not really understanding those kind of options, I began to ask the surgeon if she knew Jesus? I was afraid but not too much to mention the name of Jesus. I was just not going out like this! She told me verbatim, “I do now because you really shouldn’t be able to walk at all and this has to be His work!” I told her to do what she knew to do and I was going to talk to my Savior and let Him do the rest.

This began a chapter in my life that I had not planned for. I knew about planning family gatherings, social events and even vacations when I needed to get away. But this, I had not planned for! What do you do when your life changes right before your eyes? Sitting in the neurosurgeon’s office, I was given all of the side effects that I could possibly receive and sure enough, I did. I had more numbness as a result which prevented me from walking normal, having any feeling on my right side and unable to return to work.

What was supposed to take six weeks to heal turned into six months of immobility! I thought each day would get better but, it seemed to get worse! Family and friends had to come and care for me which was really hard to accept. As much as I love them all, I wanted to be able to take care of myself. My car sat in the garage while I laid on the floor trying to stay in a comfortable position for six months.

However, it was at this time that God began to speak to me in a way I had never heard Him before. Through His word, I could hear the scriptures come alive and make so much sense to me. Although I was raised in a Christian home and my father was a pastor, it was something about this experience that caused me to hear God in a way I had not experienced for myself.

Through the mouths of prophets, I heard what God was doing and, what He was about to do in my life. I didn’t want to hear what I was hearing; I just wanted my old life back! I began to feel fear as my job was now on the line. Although the physicians were sending in all the appropriate documents regarding my health, my job still needed and wanted me there. Unfortunately, I was unable to return in the time that was allotted for me, even after the grace of more and more FMLA’s, I just couldn’t do it! A month later, I was faced with another surgery to check for degenerative nerve damage.


It was at this time that I cried out and asked God what was really going on and He reminded me of my prayer to Him, “Lord, I just want a closer walk with you!” Lord have mercy, I didn’t mean I didn’t want to walk but God knew His plans for me. Despite all the pain of not being able to walk and care for myself, the loss of my corporate job, the friends that walked away or, never showed up, and the financial issues that followed and even, the fear of losing control of my life, GOD SHOWED UP!

This time in my life pushed me to a dependency on God that NO ONE could ever give to me. I watched God take care of me day by day. People I didn’t know would encourage me and help me in ways I never thought possible. My prayer life increased and I trusted God on a whole new level. This was all taking place WHILE I was going through and here it where I told God I would do anything He wanted, wherever He wanted me to go and say whatever He wanted me to say. I stopped worrying and began to worship God on a whole new level. I was witnessing and writing from a place I’d never been. Physical therapy
was difficult 3 time a week. It was so hard that after a couple of month, I stopped going.


My therapist was so worried about me that he came to my house to check on me. I told my mother I was just going to trust God. I trusted God and just crawled around when I could and pulled up to the furniture and walls the best I could. It was so bad that my mother told me she wished she could take my pain but just like the Psalmist David, God knew I needed this affliction. I was DETERMINED to walk on my own again!

My story ends with this, God healed me! I was not back to normal, I was better than before! My mind was elevated, my gratitude was better and my life was changed. Just as the prophets had spoken over my life, it happened. I was teaching and preaching on a regular basis and sharing of the goodness of Jesus! It seemed to happen overnight but it was not, it was a process; a painful learning process.

Nine years later, God has allowed me to launch a full-time ministry schedule that is still growing each day. I have been afforded the opportunity to travel to several countries including Rio de Janerio, Brazil, Ontario and Toronto Canada, Hamilton, Bermuda and Narobi, Kenya to preach His word! I never imagined this in a million years, but God! I can’t say I have not experienced setbacks but God has remained faithful to me.


My life has and never will be the same, not just because of what I went through but rather, the grace, mercy and healing power that God has shown towards me and is able to do for you. I tell it everywhere I go, “Go IS a healer!” I learned to only call Him who He is to me!


I am a believer on another level. Sometimes, God will allow us to go through things that no one can handle but Him. Yes, I cried, yes, I lost nights of sleep, yes, I worried but I learned to put ALL of my trust in God.

The slogan of Cyndi4REALMinistries, the ministry God gave me became, “All I have is what God said”. He said I was healed and I had to believe it even before I saw it! May I encourage someone today to keep believing that God will come through for you, too, no matter what you are facing today? There is no way He will leave or forsake you. Every obstacle in our lives can be used as an opportunity for a greater testimony. I promise you, better days are ahead.


~Evangelist Cynthia Diggs