… A cord of three strands is not quickly torn apart.” Ecclesiastes 4:12

The infinite wisdom of God – Our Creator – is unmatched in all of the universe, from the moment He began to speak the sound vibrations of His voice caused creation to begin.

And so it was that God spoke mankind into existence and in doing so He foreknew that man could not be the simplest product of His command, but it would necessary to add some depth and dimension to His most prized and beloved organism – the human

So as all of creation had begun by the speaking of His command, mankind was created from the substance of the Earth not just the sound of His voice but the matter which he had already created. Fashioned after His own image (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) mankind was designed in the same triune manner in which God existed Himself; body, soul and spirit.

As Bible believers we know that mankind was created on the 6th day – Genesis 1:26-31 – which shows that we are by divine design created to be at rest. Man’s first day on the earth was a day of rest. From this we can also know that when mankind acts outside of that place of rest we are out of alignment with the divine design.

In the natural we can all agree that the body requires rest. When we push too, do too much, operate in busyness and stress, the body begins to rebel against us. Why is this? Because the body knows that The Manufacturer built an automatic rest device – we call it sleep. But it does not stop with sleep – sleep is for the body but rest is for the mind.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28) There goes that word – rest. From this we know that importance of resting, laying
aside the burdens and releasing ourselves from weariness – Jesus offers rest and the antonym for things that serve as weights in our lives. Why does Jesus offer rest?

This is where you can come to lay aside the weight, this is where the transfer is made – you give him burdens, pain, heartbreak, chaos, confusion, weariness, distrust, anger, insecurity, etc. and He ever so graciously give you rest.”

When the soul is as rest, the spirit calms and there is rest and the body can then conclude that rest is possible. Life is good when the body receives the message that rest is on the horizon because the physical body requires rest in the form of sleep.

Sleep is where we are able to regenerate and rejuvenate our cells and refresh our minds from the struggles of the last 24 hours. Unrest can be define as dis-ease! When the body is dis-eased it is simply a physical manifestation of the soul and the spirit being
experiencing unrest – the inability to refresh, renew and revive. Dis-ease doesn’t just happen in an instant in most cases, it is often the result of many incidences of the
inability to recuperate from the trauma of life.

You are a well-crafted (Eph. 2:10) God’s own workmanship in fact and you – we – must follow that instructions for our human selves that was given way back in the beginning.

God gave us the perfect illustration of what is required for optimum functionality, when He created man on the 6th day and made his very first day on the earth a day of REST!

Give it over to Jesus, whatever it is that is hindering your pleasure of functioning at optimum progress in your life. Jesus and Jesus alone can give you rest – for your soul, in your spirit and all over your body.

Remember YOU were created for wholeness, not brokenness.


Marylin E. Porter is a woman who wears many hats; mother of 3 beautiful daughters, minister, motivator, mentor, and teacher. She is a spiritual life coach and speaker, but mostly importantly she is a woman unashamed to walk in her spiritually infused gifts. It is those very gifts that make a highly sought out writer, speaker and spiritual advisor. In an arena of big bold promises, M.E. makes only one “I will always speak to your soul.”

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