I have often prayed and asked God to show me what love is and the answer was and always has been Him and His Son Jesus!

He is the Author of Love. He was the One and Only Son of Love. God is Love, for God so loved that He gave.

People often say that they love you so freely but never show or express any form of actual true love!

People will tell you that they love you but they never forgive someone who has offended them.

People will tell you they love but if you don’t agree with them they will ignore you, your calls and never return text messages or emails.

People will tell you they love you but can they show you their love? I have come to understand and know that love is an action word, it is expressed in movement and mere words only scratch the surface and never actually duplicate what true love really is.

My Love has been tested, My Love is tried and it’s true! How do you know because I died for you says the Lord of Host! That was what the Lord said to me when I asked the question about what is “Authentic Love and True Love.

There was a time in my life when all I knew about love was the Eros of Love between an man and a woman. Or the Agape love, brotherly love, family love, love for a child, a parent sibling or friend.

But God showed me His Love which was unconditional. I have disobeyed Him, I was delayed in my responses to His leading yet through all I have done wrong He still loves me unconditionally!

He showed His Love when He led them with clouds by day and fire by night. He Loved them when He gave them water from a rock. He loved them when He delivered them fresh meat straight from the throne of Heaven!!!

Yes, God’s Love is proven and it is absolutely true!!! God’s love is perfect in and imperfect world! He continually causes the sun to shine and the moon to rise!
God’s Love is Authentic and it is Perfection in us His imperfect creations! He created us in perfection in the Garden which is why He is always providing His constant protection!
God is the Authenticator of Authentic Perfect Love! So the next time someone says that they Love you tell or ask them to show you their Love. Just as Paul said show me your faith and I will show you my works. Just as faith without works dead, Love with action is just words…that are dead!!!

Tell them ask them to show you their Love with a act of giving!!!!

John 3:16
For God so Loved the world that He gave His only Begotten Son…..

God gave His best Gift, He gave us and showed us His True and Authentic Love….His Son!!

God, Jesus and His Spirit are the epitome of Authentic and True Love!!!

Yes, through it all God still Loves me and He Loves you, and He gives his love unconditionally , freely unselfishly, He Loves you and me!!!

He doesn’t change His mind, He is consistent, He is persistent, He faithful and His Love endures through every test and trial we pass or fail, God is still there!!

God’s Love is beautiful because He gives it daily, by the hour, by the minute, even by the second God is constantly giving and showing His Love for us. There is no end to His Love and if you know anything about Him, you will know His Love kept you even when you didn’t want to be kept!! Simply because His love is unconditional!!!

God is so in Love with His creation that He has always proven it and He doesn’t have to!

He showed His Love for the Hebrew children when He sent Moses to rescue them and He parted the Red Sea. When He defeated not only their enemies but they were His enemies
because those disobedient Hebrews were his children. He made us a promise to never leave us or forsake us and that is exactly what He did for them… Never left them!!

Constance Cooper is the author of fiction and non-fiction titles. Through her books, she shares hope with a lost and dying world. Her titles include “The Chronicles of Connie,” a testimonial account of her personal life struggles; the book of poetry “Another Part of Me”; “Relationship Rules of Engagement” a book on love and relationships; and her fictional endeavor, “Big Daddy’s Sugar Honey Baby.” She has earned her A.A. degree in Biblical studies, a Bachelors degree in Theology and is currently obtaining a Masters of Divinity degree.